Comparison between CameraRC Editions

CameraRC Deluxe is available in two Editions and we also continue to offer the Legacy Edition of CameraRC for those customers who prefer our more monolithic user interface. CameraRC Deluxe Editions allow you to select the best solution to suit your needs and budget.

  • CameraRC Deluxe Professional Edition – Provides additional features and allows CameraRC Deluxe to be install and used simultaneously on 3 computers at the same household or business at the same time – perfect for the small photo studio or business.
  • CameraRC Deluxe Standard Edition – One of the most feature rich tethering solutions you can buy for Nikon Cameras and at only $39.95 USD it is bargain.
  • CameraRC Legacy Edition – For customers who previously have used CameraRC or prefer a less versatile interface. CameraRC Legacy Edition offers fewer features and capabilities than our Deluxe Editions.